Vision: Talks and Presentations


Talks, teaching, research reports, publications, and a book now in process, COMPETENT HEALTH REFORM, provide guidance on the recent powerful forces that have the potential to enable a significant improvement in cost-effectiveness and quality of care in the health system and competitive advantage for health system stakeholders. Decades of teaching, consulting, research and publications during the early stage of the information technology revolution (1960s-1980s) provide hands-on case experience that guides a remarkable transformation of the United States health system.


This vision is a report on lessons learned in the transformation of information technology focus from the processing of accounting transactions to the giant leap to strategic information power that enables stakeholders to achieve competitive advantage in the new world of a strategic information-based economy. Cumulative progress in the 21st century is the new vision in which a badly broken health system will be transformed into a high-value, cost-effective, and high-quality healthcare system.


The multiple major healthcare stakeholders including, health organizations, insurance plans, IT vendors, and regulators, each has a unique set of situational conditions that will be affected by the vision of massive discontinuity in progress of the United States health system. A very large number of client assignments have enabled recognition that each stakeholder has special needs for understanding and adaptation to the disruptive conditions that now prevail.


My vision, which I provide in talks, presentations, and white papers, can be adapted to the unique needs in each stakeholder category and by an individual organization. Scoping Studies are a useful resource for the customization of a vision to reflect unique conditions in an organization.