Over six decades Dr. Gruber's work has led to international recognition, through consulting assignments, publications, and talks in Europe (Germany, France, and others), Canada, Japan, and China. He has presented for prestigious international organizations, such as the Paris-based Atlantic Institute, which between 1961 and 1988 facilitated collaboration between NATO alliance members and other countries on economic, societal, and political issues. At a number of international conferences, Dr. Gruber has been a representative of United States academic institutions, such as the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

The United States and China 













Dr. Gruber's work on the linkage of technology and health in China (with a United States-Chinese collaboration) began with his 2010 interview by reporter Yan Xu for CIO Insight China. In this interview, Dr. Gruber noted that the role of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) is expanding rapidly and isn't solely focused on technology. 

"Many people think that CIO is only responsible for the information technology and the information systems people, this is not true."

“The concept of information technology is broad, it includes the entire life cycle of the information from the production, diffusion, and use of the information technology to produce data to the application of what was learned from the data garnered by the new information systems."


After this interview, Dr. Gruber, as the co-inventor of the CIO concept, was asked to give the keynote address at the 2010 Sino-America CIO Summit with the focus on updating the CIO for the new global environment. During this keynote, Dr. Gruber focused on the imperative of the CIO to become "global." This concept he coined in the 1990s as the Global Information Officer (GIO).


2010 Sino-America CIO Summit (Beijing, China)

New roles for the CIO in a new global economic environment of complexity, discontinuity and high uncertainty

During this conference, he began collaborating with Xue-Qian Chen, CEO of ChenXin Science and Technology Beijing. Gruber and Chen co-authored a paper on “China-U.S. Collaboration in the Mobile Health (mHealth) Technology Revolution," (中国-美国协作--移动医疗科技(MHEALTH)革命, which was presented at the 2011 China Hospital Information Network Conference (CHINC) May 12th-15th in Hangzhou, China. The paper focused on the use of mHealth to bridge the healthcare quality and access gap between the 1 billion rural and 300 million urban populations as part of the Chinese government Five-Year Plan (now called HEALTHY CHINA 2030, launched in 2016). Following the success of this paper, Gruber and Chen built on their vision at two more conferences. 



  • March 2012: Gruber-Chen “Information Technology Revolution Driver of Progress in Medical Discovery: The Regulation, Safety, And Adoption of New Medical Discovery” presented at the 4th Annual World Congress of BioSoft (BioSoft-2012), Beijing

  • August 2013: Gruber-Chen “Mobile Health Revolution: Opportunity for win-win-win China, Africa, United States Collaboration” presented at Young Leaders Roundtable, China-Africa Collaboration at China at the Health Forum 2013 (Beijing)


In 2017, Dr. Gruber attended the 7th U.S.-China Health Summit, which focused on the launch of the 2016 Chinese government program HEALTHY CHINA 2030, which is a major investment by China to close the rural-urban health quality and access gap. 


Education Competitive Advantage in France


There is now an urgent national and corporate policy issue facing the United States; education of a productive workforce at a time of severe scarcity of Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math (STEM) labor skills.


This issue is relevant to Dr. Gruber's work in France in the 1970s. French journalist J-J Servan-Schreiber in 1967 wrote a landmark book, LE DEFI AMERICAIN, that warned of United States corporation's takeover of the French economy. Valéry Giscard d'Estaing, then Prime Minister of France, raised the concern that premier French universities, such as Ecole Polytechnique, provided little technology flow into the French economy. MIT was, and is still, seen as a paragon of United States competitive advantage in the technology factor in economic performance. When the French government held a conference on the technology challenge in Deauville (FR), Dr. Gruber was invited as the MIT representative to discuss how MIT was such a force in a global technology competition. At that time David Rockefeller, CEO of Chase Bank, funded his talks at the Atlantic Institute in Paris and the conference in Deauville.


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