In 1966 Gruber co-chaired the MIT conference on “Factors in the Transfer of Technology” funded by NASA. The late Robert Wood, Chairman of the MIT Political Science Department, was original co-chair of this conference. However, Professor Wood during this time became a Secretary in Lyndon Johnson’s cabinet, leading Dr. Gruber to co-chair the conference with the late Donald G. Marquis, David Sarnoff Professor of Management, Director of the MIT program of research on research, and past president of the American Psychological Association. The conference proceedings were then published in Gruber-Marquis Factors in the Transfer of Technology (MIT Press, 1969).




"Transfer of technology - the multilateral flow of information and techniques across the boundaries of the sciences, technology, and the practical world - has been the subject of remarkably little research in view of the magnitude of the investments and commitments at stake. The need for greater research activity covering the science-technology relationship and the sociology, economics, politics, and psychology of research itself is graphically illustrated by the experience of the participants at the MIT Conference on the Transfer of Technology. First drafts of the papers collected here were presented at the conference held in 1966 at M.I.T., but the commingling of conferees from government, the military, industry, and numerous university departments generated so many intellectual sparks that subsequently almost all the papers were substantially revised by their authors."

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