Competent Health Reform 

Strategic information-enabled transformation of the badly broken United States health system 


Competent Health Reform is a retrospective of lessons learned in six decades of research, teaching, publication, and consulting in industry (banking, securities, insurance, and others, the health sector, and universities on the management of massive change in an age of discontinuity. These lessons will be displayed in a series of exhibits to enable rapid adaption to change. 

Given the current environment of increased complexity, risk, and uncertainty, the ability to use the science of communication of knowledge is critical. During an age of discontinuity, there is a high need for competent processing of new information that allows adaptation to new negative and positive forces


Competent Health Reform is organized into a small number of highly interconnected concepts described in the glossary of big ideas. These important big ideas will be presented in exhibit-based products by stakeholder need. This highly adaptable form of communication promotes two-way communication between different departments or individuals within an organization toward a solution.


This adaptive communication style is a key contribution of Competent Health Reform as compared with the more traditional analysis that is locked into a given specialty and doesn’t allow prediction of a probability of an outcome as new information becomes available, the definition of "Bayes Theorem."


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