About Dr. Gruber

Dr. William H. Gruber is an organizational theorist, a former professor at MIT, Harvard Business School, Boston College, and Northeastern University, as well as a consultant and author who is known for his work in change management and the transfer of technology. He is credited, along with William Synnott, as the co-inventor of the Chief Information Officer (CIO) job title and the term Global Information Officer (GIO)

Dr. Gruber has his doctorate in economics from MIT with an undergraduate degree in accounting and economics from the Wharton School. His academic research, teaching, and publication was funded by grants from NASA, IBM, National Science Foundation (NSF), and U.S. Department of Energy (DOE). He consulted with a dozen information technology vendors, including Digital Equipment Corporation (DEC), IBM, Wang, Lotus, and H-P.  Client assignments include information-intensive companies, such as Citibank, Chase, Nomura, Bankers Trust, Bank of Boston, Nationwide Insurance, Harvard Management Company (Harvard endowment fund), Toronto Stock Exchange, and Pfizer Pharmaceuticals.

Dr. William H. Gruber presents solid academic, research, and consulting experience in Competent Health Reform (scheduled for 2019), a future vision of the transformation of the badly broken United States health system. This “handbook” of lessons from six decades of career experiences provides guidance on how to achieve strategic competitive advantage in this new era of discontinuity, complexity, and high uncertainty.